Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just going for a little ride...

Two years ago I left home in Wisconsin for a little motorcycle ride...
I headed north into Canada, then east till I ran out of roads, boarded a ferry for fourteen hours and finally docked in Argentia Newfoundland. Headed north again to where the Vikings lived, again near the end of all roads and closer to Scotland than Wisconsin. I hope the slide show below gives you some idea of what an incredible place Newfoundland is. Pictures better express how wonderful and interesting this place, and it's warm frindly people really are. Nine thousand miles and four weeks later I was home again. I will go back again, and so should you...


  1. Hi Glen,

    Great blog and nice layout. Can't wait for the '09 riding season to begin.

  2. Can't wait for you to go on your next big venture! I am vacationing thru you for now.... Start packing...:)
    GREAT PICS!!!!!

  3. Very good, this series of guitar Greetings